Euphoric Nation - Sonic (2018)


Providing the treasures for release 320 on Alter Ego Progressive is USA newcomer Euphoric Nation, with their debut release 'Sonic'.

'Sonic' is an energy charged chunky number driven by a crunching bassline and an insanely catchy theme. Boasting a terrific bass led breakdown with stunningly warm and unforgettable big room chords and lovely little vocal chops. Hats off for this not to be missed release.

Euphoric Nation & David Thulin - Sparks Fly feat. Marisha Mae (2018)

With the gas peddle planted firmly on the floor, Euphoric Nation and David Thulin welcome you to take a journey of protective love as through emotionally charged lyrics, pop goddess and vocalist Marisha Mae takes on the role of the ride or die, promising to be the strength we need when the intensity and trials of life become too much to bear. So, grab your family, friends, and loved ones and get ready to shake off the stress as the bassline drops you into a pocket of energized consistency and the melody flows like a warm breeze among the clouds.


David Thulin & Euphoric Nation - Destiny feat. Spencer Lloyd (2017)

“Destiny” is not the first track that has brought the creative minds of David Thulin and Euphoric Nation together, as they are fresh off of the April release of their radiant studio collaboration on “You’re Not Alone” featuring Avari. A sensational addition to the OHM Music roster, it seems as if we are bearing witness to a vibrant and dynamic dream team, setting the tone and paving the way for a new era of trance music. Make sure to mark your calendars as “Destiny”, will be available for download and purchase on June 19.


David Thulin & Euphoric Nation - You're Not Alone feat. Avari (2017)

David Thulin, Euphoric Nation and Avari teamed up for "You're Not Alone". The beautiful vocal and lyrics from Avari is supported with the melodies of David Thulin and Euphoric Nation and the result is a blissful song. 

Euphoric Nation - Poseidon (2015)

From Minneapolis, USA DJ/Producer Euphoric Nation (Don Ortega) is a refreshing new addition to the global EDM/Trance scene.
A seasoned DJ and Producer Euphoric Nation makes a mark with melodic and iconic anthems in the trance and progressive genre!

David Thulin - Light In Me feat. Nicole Croteau (Euphoric Nation Remix) (2014)

 David Thulin releases his latest remix project, “Light In Me (Feat. Nicole Croteau) The Remixes” today.  The project is a collection of 7 remixes of his most popular song from Reconstruction 2.1 from the best up-and-coming producers and djs: Matthew Parker, Euphoric Nation, Unikron, Chris Howland, J-3, Maxem and Greg Hobgood. Completely remixed, these innovative expressions bring to light a new creative approach to the track.


Danny Darko - Visible feat. Dionne Lightwood (Euphoric Nation Remix) (2013)

The Winner of Visible Remix Contest! Out of 430 Entries, this very young swedish duo called NON OCTO stand up with a massive electro banger. This first part also includes a worthy uplifting trance remix from one of the contest nominees, Euphoric Nation


Euphoric Nation - Rainy Streets (2012)

One of the first singles released by Euphoric Nation! Rainy Streets will take you on a euphoric journey as the group first started experimenting with making trance music.